The one with the unfuckgiven

I’m such a mess that I can’t find the list of fucks I’m supposed to give. And finding it may be difficult given how short it already was. A man should carefully distinguish between the fucks worth giving and those of no importance. It is true. But it is also true that once you get rid of every trouble worth fuck-giving, you easily get lost. Why, a man needs a cage. And once you break out of your cage, it’s as if you were breaking your own ribs. Or spine. So now you hardly breathe and barely move.

When you’re in that stage, you quickly realize that this is not the kind of liberty you fought for. One should not be too free. And there’s no freedom without boundaries. Soon you find yourself in need of a new cage.  For when you face the excess of possibilities your identity is falling apart. When you can do anything, it seems safer to postpone the choice.

It seems quite easy to give up a walk-on part in the war for a lead role in a cage. And even when you wage your greatest battle, you carry your cage with you. Therefore it is preferable for one to scrupulously and consciously built his own cage to carry. Be your own cageneer. For  after all it’s better for one to have one’s own cage – be it handmade and as heavy and inconvenient as it may get – than to carry the one they chose for you.

So I say to myself go get your cage. Go and must. Go and care. Go and worry. Go and ought to. Go and be supposed to.

Go and give a fuck. And make it a big one.