The one with waiting

Time is a tricky thing when it comes to waiting. And waiting for a fight is a tricky kind of waiting. Sleep does not come because you’re thinking of how things will go down there in the ring and so you don’t sleep because you know you should, you just know it too well. Sometimes a man should know less in order to sleep more.
You might wanna try meditation sometime, it’ll reveal to you this other side of time, the one that’s measured with breath. Nine minutes, three times three, that’s how long the fight lasts in Olympic boxing. Sometimes it’s less. But when you’re meditating for nine minutes, one breath feels like an hour, and when you’re fighting against a tough opponent, one round feels like a lifetime.
So you think about your punches and reactions, you master your game plan, you visualize your victory. Then again there come the dark thoughts about how tall he is, what’s his experience, in what shape he is. It’s dangerously easy to suddenly start imagining getting destroyed… You feel like your chest is burning, you already feel tired, can’t catch your breath, can’t respond to his attacks… Man, mind is a deadly weapon.
But in the end it all comes down to a man against man business. In few hours it’ll all be clear. And no matter what happens, after all you will just sit back and laugh.